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Custom Kitchens & Baths

Additional Living, Inc.

Let us build your dream kitchen or bath; you’ve earned it.

  • Let us build your beautiful dream kitchen or master bathroom. We can professionally design your kitchen or bathroom according to your taste and needs.
  • Our residential kitchen and bath projects are built with the highest quality and are completed in a timely manner. We work directly with cabinet and counter suppliers to eliminate long lead-time delays. Let us build your dream kitchen or bath.
  • No need to call any other tradesman. We manage all aspects of your kitchen or bathroom construction process. Whether its additional plumbing or electrical, demolition of the old cabinets, or opening additional space to enlarge the area, we're your one stop construction experts in North Florida.
  • We understand that remodeling your kitchen or bathroom is a disruptive process, and we try very hard to minimize the downtime. We will not demolition the existing areas until all of the lead-time items are ordered and dates are established. This way, we can keep the construction process moving without downtime waiting on parts.
  • If you already have your design and cabinets, but need a contractor to handle all of the other aspects of the construction process, we can help. Many of the home improvement centers offer sales and installation of the cabinets and counters, but fall short on being able to modify, enlarge, or complete all of the demolition. They also often fail to provide additional plumbing or electrical services. We can professionally manage all of this for you to make your project run smoothly.